What We Do

NETworX for Hope Randolph  is…

  • A local chapter of a national movement to reduce poverty 
  • Building relationships with those usually outside our network of friends, co-workers, and acquaintances
  • A 15-week training course that includes a weekly meal with childcare and transportation available

NETworX understands poverty is a lack or shortage of well-being. Well-being is abundance measured in many areas: mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial. We believe that any great change begins with the transformation of one heart: our own.  So, the hardest work for most of those involved in NETworX is letting go of preconceived ideas: what it means to be poor and why people are poor; facing one’s own fears about poverty; and recognizing the poverty in our own life.

Vision Statement

Our vision is Randolph County free from poverty in all its forms.

Mission Statement

Our mission, based on Christian values, is to provide education and safe relationships which will empower those who are experiencing poverty to transform their lives and our community.