A different perspective on poverty


Solving the poverty issue on an individual basis requires more than just finding a job or making more money.  Research shows that a person must have adequate resources in at least four of the following areas to move out of poverty:

  • Financial - Being able to purchase the goods and services of that class and sustain it.
  • Emotional - Being able to choose and control emotional responses, particularly to negative situations, without engaging in self-destructive behavior. Shows itself through choices.
  • Mental - Having the mental abilities and acquired skills (reading, writing, computing) to deal with daily life; education; trade or skills.
  • Spiritual - Believing in (divine) purpose and guidance; one's cultural base.
  • Physical - Having physical health and mobility; appearance, fitness, athletic abilities.
  • Support Systems - Having friends, family and backup resources available to access in times of need. These are external resources.
  • Relationships/Role Models - Having frequent access to adult(s) who are appropriate, nurturing and who do not engage in destructive behavior.
  • Knowledge of Hidden Rules - Knowing the unspoken cues and habits of a group.